Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Things I would pack in my unaccompanied baggage while going through PCS

This is the first thought I've had in months.

If I had to do it over again, here are some things I would pack next time.  Most of this I probably could have shipped, since we only shipped 350lbs worth of stuff and we were authorized 700lbs.
  1. real matress
  2. kitchen towels
  3. cleaning supplies
  4. vaccum
  5. mop
  6. clothes
  7. shoes
  8. bookshelf
  9. furnature (end tables)
  10. pictures
  11. posters
  12. hanging supplies
  13. something to hand clothes on
  14. tools
  15. Big mug
  16. Coffee mug
  17. monitor
  18. computer
  19. computer supplies
  20. bike
  21. bike pump
More to be added later...this is more just for my records for when I have to do this again....and for anyone else out there who is going through a PCS.


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